Investment Challenge w/ UPCOMINGVC®

June, 08, 2022

We bring together

Wanna be

Test your investment & due diligence skills in a life-size test with genuine startups and seasoned VCs. Get potentially hired as an Intern / Analyst / Associate.



Full-scale training to the fundraising process. Learn how to talk to VCs. Connect with VCs and prepare the ground for your potential upcoming funding rounds.



Share your methods as a VC. Help the ecosystem understand how to introduce businesses to VCs. Identify talented aspiring VCs. Feed your deal flow.

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We co-organized this event with UPCOMINGVC® to give you an incredible experience

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Our approach at G. Ventures

Selective Recruitment

Student Investors are carefully selected.
With diverse background and expertise they are uniquely positioned to find the most promising startup founders.

Advanced Training

Student Investors are rigorously trained.
Sourcing, conducting diligence, VC maths, competitive analysis, make investment decisions, and more.

Sourcing and Incentives

Student Scouts and Student Investors are incentivized on the carried interest of the startup G.V end-up investing in.
Each investor is responsible for finding the best deals on their university campus and recommending them to the fund.

Meetings and Evaluation

Startups that reach Investment Committee have been approved by two sets of Student Investors with relevant expertise.
Student Investors have clear evaluation criteria, however we allow them to push startups forward outside our criteria if they have deep convictions.

Extensive Diligence

Investment memo are sent to the full G. Ventures network of students and advisors.
Everyone can share their perspectives.

Investment Committee

Investment committee is composed by the G. Ventures HQ team, technical student experts and our Advisory Board.

Our Strategic Value at G. Ventures


We help startups get to MVP as fast as possible.
We help you build your MVP and test it with early adopters.

Commercial Strategy

We help startups to positioned and accelerate commercially.
Define your go-to-market strategy, build a competitive positioning, and pricing model.


We help startups bring the best experience to their customers.
Defining the idea at the core of your brand and your competitive differentiation in the market.Build the best experience to keep your customers and becoming viral.


We help you build your market strategy.
Whether you're building a product or a service, you will get support on growth and customer acquisition across channels to be well-positioned and attract users.


We help startups raise their Seed Round.
Raising money as a student is hard, we're here to help by supporting them alongside their program with us: from pitch decks to pitch training to VC introductions following the demo day as well as negotiations, contracts, term sheets.


We help startups to compete on international market
That's why we look for students startups that are global from day one. We help them focus on becoming international and thinking about their culture and attracting the best talents to grow.