Frequently Asked Questions

What is G. Ventures ?

G. Ventures is a 5-months program designed to help Student Founders launch and accelerate their startups.

Founders get €50,000 at the beginning of the program, then the G. Ventures team helps them get to seed investment.

There are two batches a year: Winter (Starting in September) and Summer (Starting in March).

Who is it for?

G. Ventures is designed for the most ambitious Student Founders where any of the founder is a student (student and graduates <2 years).

What kind of startups are you looking for?

We don't look for a particular type of industry. We are looking to back founders we believe in and we look for exceptional teams that can execute and iterate fast. The more mature the project, the more chance there is to be selected.

What does the program consist of?

The program is in two phases:

1. You get quality workshops on all startup subjects (sales, growth, market strategy, legal and fundraising) and we help startups raise up to €100,000 of non-dilutive money.

2. You have access to on-demand and unlimited office hours with renown mentors, advisors and mentors. And we get our startups ready to fundraise a seed round with top investors by the end of the program. On top of that many private events with inspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Where is the program located?

G. Ventures is currently entirely remote.

How many startups will be chosen?

We will select around 10 startups for every batch.

Do I have to move to Paris for the program?

No, the program is entirely remote.

Who are the mentors?

Our main mission is to connect you with the best experts at the right time.

G. Ventures have been building a strong network (100+ experts) that will be at your disposal.

What happens after the program?

The G. Ventures support does not stop after the demo day. It's only the beginning! You'll stay in the G. Ventures community and we will continue to help you.

What are the terms on the funding?

We will invest K€50,000 in exchange for 5% equity in your startup through a SAFE, the most friendly terms that exist for student founders. When accepted in the program, we will send you the term sheet and you will be free to sign it, or not.

What is the funding for?

The funding will help stay fully committed to the project. The funding can be used to pay for anything that is good for your startup (prototype, market studies, hiring people, etc.)

What is the admission process?

You can apply as many times as you want while the applications are open.
If your project is not selected, hear the feedback, iterate, retry, until you get accepted, that's the right mindset!

Fill this form.

Selection process: Form 1/2: (2mn)
If selected you will receive Form 2/2.

Form 2/2: (20mn)
If selected you will be invited to a 30mn meeting with our Investment Team.

Meeting 1/2: (30mn)
If selected you will be invited to a 30mn meeting with our HQ team.

Meeting 2/2: (30mn)
If selected you will be invited to sign our term sheet and receive your 50k check.

Will you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

We don't sign NDAs. No VC would do at this stage. :)

I still have questions about the program. How can I get in touch?

Get in touch with us via email : hello@gventures.co