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Next-Gen VC for
Next-Gen Founders

France's first student-run Venture Capital Fund. 🇫🇷
We back France's most promising
student founders.

Powerful investor network, World-class mentors, €50,000 check.
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We lead our Founders to

We believe Young Founders change the world

We have been supporting Young Founders since 2016.


We invest in you:

€50,000  - for 5% equity

We give you access to:

€100,000  - in grants & debt

+ €100,000  - in perks

We lead you to:

Seed / Series A funding



You join:

100+ fellow founders

You get access to:

50+ world-class mentors

You attend:

Dozens of intimate events with industry leaders and investors


You get:

Access to world-class mentors, experts and entrepreneurs with on demand and unlimited office hours.

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Our Founders Community

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Whether you’re a founder, investor, aspiring VC, or looking for a role at a startup,
we’ve got you covered.
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