Why is VC the new Eldorado for young students?

Why is VC the new Eldorado for young students?

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May 10, 2022

If I tell you clubhouse room, Patagonia jacket and substack newsletter and you say: Deal! You are probably interested in VC.

Business school conversations about trading, strategy consulting and investment banking are becoming increasingly rare, but why? Why students are strongly interested in the VC ecosystem, its actors, how it works, and everything that surrounds it? For me, 3 main reasons:

I. Cut the pear in half 🍐

Few, some, alright maybe a lot of students think, dream, and want to start a project, a business, a unicorn after college/business school. The fact is some doubts, questions and predictions appear just after graduation.

Some students have to reimburse their student-loan, some of them don’t want to miss the career starting and others are just too afraid about the future. Because of this, they put their ideas away and they put on the tie.

On the other side, few students are not really sure or afraid of the big (four) whale and other institutions with the codes and expectations that come with the whole package.

Here come the young, ambitious, expert, crewneck over white collar shirt superhero : the Venture Capital

VC could be in a certain way, a good fit for people who want (even need) to have an analytical and analyst position but still with one foot inside the startup fairy tales and more laxist than some positions mentioned before.

II. Be able to interact with geniuses and experts in all industries, all the time, everywhere. 🌐

Curiosity is inside our DNA. Since childhood, we learn, explore, try and test without any limits, barriers, or biases. These 4 youth steps fed our knowledge and construct the person we are today. However, the joy when we are young is that we don’t limit ourselves to a specific field, industry, or market, our learning scope is so large. When you’re 12, you can learn the plant lifecycle, a new math technique, and a French history episode in one day!

Unfortunately, the more you grow, the more your learning scope decreases horizontally and extends in depth/vertical. Due to your job positions, you become an expert on it, but you have put aside all the desire and excitement to discover and learn new things in areas that were previously unknown to you.

VC could be in a certain way, a manner to get exposed to all of this variety and diversity of knowledge in the same spot. Having access to and nourishing one’s culture through ambitious and intelligent entrepreneurs throughout the day can appear as a solution to this lack of curiosity that drives us over the years.

III. Young people get interested and follow trends, and it’s ok. 😍

It’s a fact and people need to be ok with that. It starts at school, you follow what’s cool and trendy. In high school, you probably join a trendy and well-known field. In professional life choice, you could be oriented in a trendy job position or field and that’s ok. Just, be good at it. By doing something you good, perform well and get great results, you’ll fall in love with it.

The main objective is just to avoid a trendy job that you’re not good at it. It could happen, don’t worry but changes need to be made.

If the triforce “interest-based – ego satisfaction – personal happiness” is completed : you good.

Moreover, a trend will create and attract new workers with a different point of view, a different way to work, and a special way of thinking. Brain diversity is essential in all industries, especially in VC.

Let’s connect on my linkedin to talk more about this eldorado and see you soon in vc family!

by Matthis Dessus

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